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First Hamza Clan

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First Hamza Clan  Empty First Hamza Clan

Post  Nolan! on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:24 pm

Hey, I am starting the first Hamza Clan. I do not have a name for it because we will decide that as a team. I want to get 4 people to start including me (That means 3 others Wink ) , and we will then wait for the next clan to be created so that we can actually start clan wars. Post your ingame name on here or pm me ingame and you can join.

Lvl- 138
Also we will be betting our own money, So your going to need some to make some. The starting bets will be about 250m per person of each clan (with 4 people then the winning clan will get 1b cash to split among there members).


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