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I have been banned by a reason i dont get!!!!!

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I have been banned by a reason i dont get!!!!!

Post  Deathlight on Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:15 pm

hello, my name is : bart bastin
ingame name : deathlight
i am banned by osman, osman told me i didnt donate 300$:S , but i did.
i can prove him i can make screen shot of my transactions to osman_the_man@hotmail.co.uk.
i donated 300$ and osman dont believed it and banned me because he thinks i lied and that hamza gave me free stuff.
he didnt gave free stuff because i donated for it.

Osman i hope u unban me and forgive me i said things to you because i am banned .
i ask you and beg u, please unban me almost every1 knows i donated that much.
Greetz Bart Bastin, Deathlight
please forgive me Sad Sad


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